Project Proposal: Beer Trail Mobile Application

Beer Trail – A Project Proposal by Chris Ellis & Annie Lee

Beer Trail is a mobile application designed for the tech-savvy beer enthusiast.  As beer aficionados ourselves, we thought it would be fun, informative and relevant to design an application that would provide other like-minded connoisseurs with beer information on their mobile devices.

The goal of our project is to focus on the strategic vision of the mobile application functionality as well as the design of the mobile user interface.  Our final deliverables would include:

– Flowcharts and wireframes that provide a template view of the final end product

– Mock-up designs of the mobile application

– A report that explains the functionalities of the mobile application, which include:

•    Location and directional information of nearby bars, brew pubs, bottle shops and breweries using GPS or zip code.  This is the main function of our mobile application: finding local establishments that cater to the beer enthusiast.

•    A beer-finder function based on location.  Searchable by brewery and individual beer name.

•    User reviews of pubs, bottle shops and breweries.

•    State drinking rules and regulations based on locale.

•    User-generated “where I’ve been” beer maps and personal statistical calculator.

•    User-generated drinking games.

To assist in the design and strategic planning of Beer Trail, we will need to research the following topics:

– Government websites pertaining to individual state liquor laws

– Different software development kits to help determine which programs will be suitable for creating mobile applications (iPhone SDK, etc.)

– Google Maps, Mapquest, and Live Search—to verify how applications interact with GPS and mapping capabilities as well as business databases

– User-generated review websites and mobile apps such as Yelp and CitySearch to find out design best practices

– The history and process of beer production and distribution

Beer Trail is worthy of proposing because it will help us learn the research process for the design and development of mobile applications from a strategic position and with a focus on user interaction.


~ by cvellis on October 23, 2008.

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  1. Do not ask me any more questions please.

  2. – LEVITRA

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